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We love Vegas.

It all started with my brother's bachelor party in October 2010. We drank cheap beer, ate at taco bell, and got swindled at a strip club on Fremont. Since then, we've learned from the errors of our ways, and have sought out better, more original experiences on our Vegas trips.

With 14 trips under our belt, we've learned a thing or two - one of them being how f'ing expensive everything is (plus add 40% if you're from north of the 49th!). We believe you can have a great experience, and save a few bucks! Heck, we all know you're going to give it to them eventually!


HappyHoursVegas is the ultimate happy hour companion. We've scoured over 400 hotel, restaurant, and bar websites, compiling a live database of current happy hours. How is it live? We use combination of web scraping tools trained on these specific sites, and some programming with google sheets and calendar.


Our goal is to have the most up-to-date directory of Las Vegas happy hours, easy to use on your phone, while in Vegas. We're working on lots of cool features, as well as expanding our directory beyond the strip.

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